640:423:01 Elementary Partial Differential Equations

Class meets: TTh5(3:20pm -- 4:40pm), ARC-333.
Instructor: Dr. Zheng-Chao Han
Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30am--11:00am in Hill 304.
Email: zchan at math dot rutgers dot edu (I prefer to answer math questions in person during office hours, not through emails; I try to process my emails once per day ).
Text: The following is the required text for this course:

Sakai The course will use Sakai for all course material during the semester. All enrolled students should have automatic access to the site after logging into Sakai. Current information about syllabus and homework will be found there.

Note: Do not forget to "reload" the assignments pages - if you visited them before, your browser may be showing you only the old cached page.

Course Material

The listed prerequisite for this course is CACL4; a good command of Green's and Gauss' theorems from CACL3 is equally essential.

Most course material will be drawn from chapters 1--4 of the text. Here is a tentative syllabus. More course material may be developed and posted on our sakai course site.

Homework and Quiz Policy

Homework and Quizzes: You will have weekly regular assignments and occasional quizzes. Only a portion of the assigned problems will be graded, but it is important to do all the problems, as only by doing enough problems can you learn the material; and quiz and exam problems are often based on the asssigned problems.

Unless instructed otherwise, discussion with fellow classmates is allowed at the strategy formulation stage of homework, but not at the writing-up stage; if you do have discussion with fellow classmates in completing your homework assignment, you need to make explicit acknowledgement (provide name(s) of classmate(s) with whom you have had discussion with) in the problem(s) for which you have engaged in some discussion. In addition, if you consult any other source (such as a web page, solutions from a previous semester, etc.) in the preparation of homework, you must acknowledge this by citing that source; moreover, the work you turn in must be written up in your own words, not copied from a source. Failure to observe these restrictions will be treated as a violation of the Rutgers ACADEMIC INTEGRITY POLICY.

A tentative list of Homework assignments is posted here. Make sure to load an updated version when you do the assignments.

Grading Guidelines

The grading of the regular assignments, quizzes, and exams will expect reasonable justifications for the computations and derivations. Complete sentences should be used to explain your solution methods and strategies. Solutions to assignments to be turned in should be legible and stapled.

Course Grading Policy

Attendance and Make-up Policy: Class attendance is expected. Poor attendance will be used to decide borderline grade situations. Any changes to the syllabus, homework assignment and any announcement for the midterms and final exam will be made in the lectures. No late work will be accepted. There will be no make-ups for quizzes. A make-up midterm will be given only if you have a valid reason such as serious illness (not a slight cold) or a family emergency, and provide an acceptable, written excuse in advance, or you will receive a grade of zero.

Your course grade will be determined on the following basis:

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