Synthetic E.Coli Toggle Switch equations using JOde

Eduardo Sontag's Gardner/Cantor/Collins Synthetic E.Coli Toggle Switch equations using JOde, for classroom use.
You should look at this paper first. Student Assignment:

  1. Click at a about 10 random places in the screen, and see what the trajectories look like. You should see a bi-stable phase-plane (two stable states). Print.
  2. "Clear all" so that the screen looks clean.
  3. Change b and g to equal 2, instead of 10. Submit all. Redo part 1. Is the system bistable now? Print.
  4. Clear all. Now, still with b=g=2, try a1=a2=10. Submit all. Repeat. What happens? (This is a little tricky; consider modifying the ranges of u and v.)
  5. Explain how the fact that we needed to use larger b's and g's in order to get bistability, for a1=a2=1, but we could get away with smaller b's and g's when a1=a2=10 matches what the authors of the paper show in Figure 2(d).

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Using the applet written by: Marek Rychlik