Old Exams

Here are some exams that I've given in MA251 in previous semesters. The exams I give this semester will be similar. The files are Adobe Acrobat files which can be read with Acrobat Reader.

Fall 1998 First Exam

Fall 1998 Second Exam

Fall 1998 Final Exam

Spring 1999 First Exam

Spring 1999 Second Exam

Spring 1999 Final Exam

Fall 2000 First Exam

Fall 2000 Second Exam

Fall 2000 Final Exam

Fall 2001 First Exam

Fall 2001 Second Exam

Fall 2002 First Exam

Fall 2002 Second Exam

Fall 2002 Final Exam (without key)

Fall 2003 First Exam

Fall 2003 Second Exam

Fall 2003 Final Exam

Practice Problems for Final (.pdf)

Prof. Lyons 251 practice exams

Prof. Walsh's 251 final exam

Prof. Falk's practice problems for the second exam (.pdf) and (.pdf)

Prof. Falk's practice problems for the final (.pdf)

You should also go over problems from this semester's exams and review the quizzes.