Course website for מושגי יסוד באנליזה
(first year graduate course in functional analysis)

Here are the notes I lectured from (they are rough, and were intended only as my guide in the lectures).  They follow Rudin's functional analysis text for the most part, except for the last TeX'd file.  I recommend also looking at some of the nice material on Paul Garrett's website.

Topological Vector Spaces
Locally Compact Spaces
Metrizability and Bounded Operators
Seminorms and Local Convexity
Examples of Topological Vectors Spaces
Baire Category and the Banach-Steinhaus Theorem
Continuous Linear Maps
Hahn-Banach Theorem
Banach-Alouglu and Krein-Milman Theorems
Some Applications to Function Theory
Duals in Banach Spaces
Subspaces and Quotients
Adjoints and Compact Operators
Distributions as Linear Functionals
Working with Distributions
The Localization Theorems

Extra lecture notes on distributions (TeX'd).