Math 151 - Sections 34, 35, 36 - Fall 2017

Calculus I Math/Physics - Math 151 - Sections 34, 35, 36

Lecturer: Vladimir Scheffer. Office: Hill 246. Office Hours: To be announced. Email address:

Lecture Meeting Times: Tuesday and Friday 10:55am to 12:15pm in CDL102 on Cook Campus. Recitation Meeeting Times:

For Section 34: Monday 9:15am to 10:35am in RAB104 on Douglass Campus.

For Section 35: Monday 10:55am to 12:15pm in RAB207 on Douglass Campus.

For Section 34: Monday 12:35pm to 1:55pm in RAB110B on Douglass Campus.

Grading scheme for Math 311, section 04: The final exam will be worth 200 points. Each of the two hourly exams will be worth 100 points. The workshop writeups will be worth 50 points. The WebAssign homework will be worth 50 points. This way, the maximum course score is 500 points. Your course grade will be determined by this score.

The exams: The exams are closed book. No notes are allowed. Calculators are not allowed. The internet is not allowed. If you miss an exam, then you must get a written excuse from your dean before you can take a makeup exam.

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