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From: (Dave L. Renfro) Date: 13 May 2000 23:05:19 -0400 Newsgroups: sci.math.research Subject: WEB PAGES FOR PH.D. QUALIFYING EXAMS Recently someone asked in sci.math.research (see [1]) for references to Ph.D. qualifying exam questions. Since the semester just ended for me, I decided to spend a few hours today making a list of every U.S. university whose mathematics department has practice and/or old Ph.D. qualifying exam questions on the internet. To ensure completeness I looked at every Group I, II, and III mathematics department's homepage (see [2]). [Actually, I've been wanting to do this for quite a while--at least for real analysis qualifying exam links.] Because this collection is likely to prove very useful to a lot of people--students preparing for these exams as well as faculty who have to make out future exams--I'm posting this in sci.math, sci.math.research, and alt.math.undergrad. I would appreciate additions to this list e-mailed to me. Besides the possibility that I might have missed a math department's link to old Ph.D. qualifying exams, I'm sure that new ones will be appearing from time to time. Also, I didn't look at ANY mathematics departments outside the U.S. [1] [2] AMS-IMS-MAA Annual Survey Groupings of Departments Dave L. Renfro


University of South Alabama: Comprehensive Exam Archive
Location Comments
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa: SAMPLE QUALIFYING EXAMS
University of California (Berkeley): Preliminary Exams
University of California (Berkeley): Questions from Past Qualifying Exams [Organized into approximately 30 subject areas (3-manifolds, 4-manifolds, knots; Fields and Galois Theory; Computation Complexity; etc.).]
|----------| | COLORADO | |----------| University of Colorado at Denver: Ph.D. Prelim Exams |----------| | ILLINOIS | |----------| Northwestern University: Preliminary Examinations |---------| | INDIANA | |---------| Indiana University: Tier I Examinations |-----------| | LOUISIANA | |-----------| Louisiana State University: Comprehensive Examination University of Maryland, College Park: Recent Discussions in GradForum [Several of the discussions involve issues related to Ph.D. qualifying exams.] |---------------| | MASSACHUSETTS | |---------------| Boston University: Sample M.A. Preliminary Exam Northeastern University: Qualifying Exams in Mathematics |----------| | NEBRASKA | |----------| University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Recent Qualifying Exams |---------------| | NEW HAMPSHIRE | |---------------| Dartmouth College: Syllabi and Sample Questions for Graduate Qualifying Exams Princeton University: Graduate Students' Guide to Generals |----------| | NEW YORK | |----------| Columbia University: Qualifying Exams University of Rochester [See under Graduation requirements: "... PostScript copies of the written preliminary exams ..."] |----------| | OKLAHOMA | |----------| Oklahoma State University: Masters and Doctoral Exams |--------------| | PENNSYLVANIA | |--------------| Pennsylvania State University: Qualifying Exams |----------------| | WASHINGTON, DC | |----------------| Howard University: Senior Comprehensive Examination [undergraduate] not put names on their work, thus preserving their anonymity and minimizing my prejudices (!).

UPDATE (7/17) No one is giving me any problem solutions! And now I realize that due to other obligations I don't have much time!! So I will probably stop posting more problems, but I am willing to discuss solutions with students. Good luck!!!

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