Questions & Comments for Math 135, large lectures; Fall, 1997

9/2/97 What about CD-ROM's, Study Guides, etc.?

Here is some of what one lecturer wrote on his syllabus: "I strongly suggest that you begin to work on the homework problems indicated for each lecture before the lecture, so that when we discuss the topic in lecture, you'll be ready with your own questions and comments. ... The publisher of the textbook advertises a CD-ROM version of the text, and this includes worked solutions (not just answers) to the odd-numbered exercises. But this CD-ROM is NOT required and in fact we don't recommend that you get it. [It is quite expensive!] It's not necessary. There's also a Study and Solutions Guide available, but again, it's not required."

9/2/97 Sources for further help in the course

The university puts considerable resources into supporting undergraduate instruction. Look into what the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the Math and Science Learning Center (MSLC) can do to help you. In particular, they should have frequent walk-in tutorial help. Check the centers on each campus to get a schedule, please.

9/26/97 What about answers to the review problems?

An e-mail message received two days ago said: ... I am in Calc 135. I was wondering if there were any answers to the review problems for Exam I posted anywhere. I would like to check my work, so the answers would be helpful. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Part of my reply: ... I am able to write questions and don't have the time to think up responses. I will be happy, however to list answers contributed by students, but do not have the time or patience to write out solutions in detail. So any students who may wish to contribute answers or corrections to them should send me mail! These contributions will be attributed using their initials. Each answer submitted should be checked by at least one other student. Note that there is now an "answers" page. Let's see what happens!

10/10/97 What about ALL the answers to the review problems?

Another e-mail message was received on Wednesday, October 10. It was sent (in effect) anonymously, so I couldn't reply to it. It said: I think it might be more helpful if you just supply all the answers to the review questions. You list some with "No correct answer supplied yet." This isn't very helpful to someone who wants to check their answers.

My response might have contained the following: Please, I do NOT have the time to write answers. There are more than 1700 students in Math 135. I think that among them are certainly many intelligent, informed and responsible people who can send me some suggestions for solutions. I truly recommend that students get together in groups, compare their answers, and send them in!

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