Review guide for the second exam

The exam on Thursday, November 18, will cover
what we've done on linear algebra
and introductory Fourier series (12.1-12.3).

What's below is copied from the syllabus:

Goals Students should know the principal definitions of linear algebra and recognize and work with these ideas. Students should know how to compute the rank of a matrix, the determinant of a matrix, and be able to invert and diagonalize simple matrices "by hand". Goals Students should be able to compute the Fourier coefficients of simple functions "by hand". They should know what orthogonality means for functions. Given a function's graph on [0,A] they should be able to graph the sum of the Fourier sine and cosine series on [-A,A]. They should have some qualitative understanding of what partial sums of Fourier series look like compared to the original function, including an idea of the Gibbs phenomenon.

The following resources may be helpful to students when preparing for the second exam.