Review guide for the final exam

Time and place
The exam will begin at noon on Wednesday, December 21, in Hill 525.

What will be tested?
The exam will cover the standard material of the whole course: it will be cumulative. There will probably be a slight overemphasis on the material covered since the second exam. The lectures and workshop problems have introduced you to much that is not standard in the second semester of a U.S. calculus course. Generally there will not be questions about this material. No calculators or notes will be allowed. You will be given a copy of the standard Math 152 formula sheet.

Review material
This is almost surely a plethora of review material. This is, I hope, just about the last vocabulary word of the semester:
    plethora an oversupply, glut, or excess.
I offer you two old final exams written by me for previous 192's and some review problems.

There are no answers available for these problems. It would be just as painful for me to work them out as for you.
I would also ask you, please, to go over the first two exams. If I thought it was important then, I almost surely still think it is important.

Opportunities to consult, etc.
I should be in my office, open to questions, suggestions, etc. at these times:
Friday, December 16, from about noon to about 2 PM.
Monday, December 18, from about noon to about 4 PM.
Review Session Tuesday, December 19, from 7 to 9 PM (by popular demand) in Hill 525.
I will also try to answer e-mail in a timely manner, and usefully.

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