Review guide for the first exam

Time and place
The exam will begin at 5 PM on Monday, October 17, in Hill 525. Please go there!. Exceptional cases MC should receive other directions.

What will be tested?
The exam will cover the standard material in the text from 6.1-6.5 and 7.1-7.8. The lectures and workshop problems have introduced you to much that is not standard in the second semester of a U.S. calculus course. Generally there will not be questions about this material. No calculators or notes will be allowed. You will be given a copy of the standard Math 152 formula sheet.

Review material
Here is an exam from the l996 instantiation of Math 192, taught by me. The exam was given at approximately the same time in the course, with an earlier edition of the same textbook. Your exam should be at about the same level of difficulty. You may wish to try these problems. Here are some answers to that exam.
And now, just compiled for this exam, some further review problems!
Please note that several of these problems are badly stated or are impossible as written. This includes at least the second integral in problem 7 and estimation on the given interval of the second derivative of the function in problem 9. We discovered this during the review session. The management regrets this.

Review session
I will be available on Sunday, October 16, at 4 PM in Hill 525 to answer questions and review what we've covered and what will be tested. This is not intended as a substitute for your own study, but as a supplement to that effort! I should be either there or in my office (Hill 542) until at least 6 PM. Attendance is not mandatory! Of course I will also try to answer e-mail in a timely manner.

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