General information about Math 192, section 1, fall 2005

Math 192 is a second-semester calculus course. Its official title is Honors Calculus II, and the course description implies that it covers the same material as the standard calculus II course (now numbered 152) "but in a more thorough and demanding fashion." Students have usually been invited to enter Math 192. The selection criteria for entering Rutgers students has included AP and SAT scores, and appropriate interest.

Almost all of the students in Math 192 have completed an AB Advanced Placement calculus course in high school. Although such a course is usually equivalent to about 1.3 semesters of our calculus sequence, the background which will be assumed for Math 192 is good knowledge of the material covered in the standard first semester of calculus instruction at Rutgers: Math 151. The textbook used in the first three semesters (151, 152, and 251) of Calculus for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences is Calculus (Early Transcendentals), 5th Edition, by James Stewart, published by Brooks/Cole. This will also be the principal text in Math 192.

The course will cover the topics of Math 152 with perhaps a few slight additions, and the treatment will indeed probably be "more thorough and demanding" than most 152 classes. Grades will primarily be based on two in-class exams and a comprehensive three-hour final exams. These exams will be announced in advance. Additional important information for the course grades will be obtained from homework, workshop problems (to be graded both for exposition and mathematical content), and other in-class work.

Records of one previous instantiation of Math 192 taught by the same instructor is available on the web. There are notes and exams. Please realize that the textbook was the third edition of Stewart, and the instructor is now almost a decade older, and much more cranky.
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