Preparation for the first exam, Math 152:1, 2, & 3, spring 2008

General instructions
The cover sheet for your exam will state:

Show your work. An answer alone may not receive full credit.
No texts, notes, or calculators may be used on this exam.
Find exact values of standard functions such as e0 and sin(pi/2).
Otherwise do NOT "simplify" your numerical answers!

From the course coordinator
The course coordinator (who will be the principal author of the final exam) has prepared
some review problems for the first exam. You will work on these during part of your class meeting on Thursday, February 21. There will also be time for questions during that meeting. Prepared students should find this very useful.

First exam formula sheet
The course coordinator has prepared a formula sheet which will be handed out with your exam. I suggest that you get familiar with what is on the sheet. Students who need to consult formula sheets extensively tend to be students who are not adequately prepared. They generally don't do well.

One of my old exams
I will write your first exam. I gave Math 152 last year. Here is a link to the first exam in that course, and here is a link to some answers. I strongly suggest that students try to answer the questions before looking at these answers. Please note that problem 7a on that exam referred to average value which wasn't covered in our lectures. So please replace problem 7a by:

Suppose mA is the definite integral of (sin(Ax))3 from 0 to 2. Compute mA.

Even more review problems (with answers)
Here are some further review problems (mostly from old exams of mine) together with some answers.

Differences, this year/last year
The textbook has changed, but with the exception already noted (average value) the topics covered and the way we covered them are both remarkably similar to what was done last year.

Review Session
I'll have a review session on Tuesday evening, February 26, at 6:40 PM in ARC 206. This is not intended to be a substitute for your own work. You must prepare by doing homework problems, workshop problems, and the supplied review problems by yourself or with others. If I could do things by watching others, I would easily hit 50 major league home runs each year. Attendance at this session will not be adequate preparation for students who have done little work on their own.
This room is supposed to be the only room available with capacity 40 or more on Busch Campus at 6:40 PM on that Tuesday evening! Do you believe this?

I've thought about the review session, and prepared this summary for myself of the topics which I will use to prepare for the review session.

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