Preparation for the final exam, Math 152:1, 2, & 3, spring 2008

General instructions
No texts, notes, or calculators may be used on this exam. A formula sheet will be supplied.
An answer alone to a multistep problem may not receive full credit.
You should find exact values of standard functions such as e0 and sin(π/2).
Otherwise I suggest that you do NOT "simplify" your numerical answers!

From the course coordinator
The course coordinator (who will be the principal author of the final exam) has prepared
some review problems for the final exam. You will work on these during your class meeting on Thursday, May 1. I do not intend to go over these problems during my own review session. Prepared students should find this very useful.

Formula sheet
Here is the formula sheet which will be distributed with your final exam. You may wish to be familiar with what is on the sheet. Students who need to consult formula sheets extensively tend to be students who are not adequately prepared. They generally don't do well.

Review Session
I have reserved SEC 118 from 4 PM to 7 PM on Wednesday, May 7, for a review session. Here is what I intend to do:
We will review the whole course. Students should bring their textbooks. I will select appropriate problems from sections of the text. Student volunteers will work on a few problems at the board (yes, I'll give them hints) while others work on the problems alone or together. I will review the solutions that were written on the board, and then we'll do it again. And again. And ... until everyone gets tired or we run out of time.

You've had a whole semester of my lecturing and my working. If you come to the review session, I will try to keep us on task and try to help you concentrate on learning and doing calculus. As I've already written (will you believe this, please!), if I could do things by watching others, I would easily hit 50 major league home runs each year. Attendance at this session will not be adequate preparation for students who have done little work on their own.

Other suggestions
This depends on how much time and effort you have to devote to this course. I've certainly mentioned this in class.

Review past exams. That is, look at the first and second exams you've taken in this course. Be sure that you understand and can do the problems now. Read the answers! You should almost assume that any question you could not answer before will be asked on the final exam.

Read the past sets of review problems. The course coordinator, who will be the principal author of the final exam, wrote review problems for the first and second exams. Please look over these problems, and, again, depending on time, be sure you can answer them successfully.

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