Comments about WeBWorK

  • Link to WeBWorK.
  • Read the Student Introduction to WeBWorK. Be sure to look at the link Functions WeBWorK understands.
  • Your initial login information is:
    username=rutgers e-mail id, password= student number (with no dashes).
    Instructions for those who don't have an e-mail address with Rutgers will appear on the right of the login page and the bottom of the webwork page.
  • You may change sections during the first week of class (the last day to drop is 1/24 and last day to add is 1/25). A student who changes sections should complete the first set in the 'old' section and begin set 2 in the new section. In this case the score for set 1 will be manually included in the webwork final score and will not appear on the students 'new' webwork page.
  • The open date is when problems will be available to students. The due date is the deadline for student submission of answers. The answer date is when WeBWorK will display answers.
  • The preview button tells the student what WeBWorK thinks the student entered. The answer is not checked for correctness at this stage. The submit button checks the student answer for correctness. If the submission is before the due date, WeBWorK will record that the student attempted the problem. After the due date the student can have BeBWorK check attempts but these attempts will not be recorded by WeBWorK.
  • Use exact answers: WeBWorK will not accept 'bad' approximations. So 3^.5 or sqrt(5) should be used instead of 1.732.
  • Do not wait until the last possible moment to submit your answers. The network or the WeBWorK machine may become overloaded with poor or no response as a consequence! Do the problems when you can and take advantage of the feedback offered by WeBWorK.
  • Dr. H. Carley is maintaining WeBWorK for Math 135. Questions about the WeBWorK program should be addressed to but mathematical questions should be directed to the lecturer or the recitation instructor.

Maintained by and last modified 1/18/2005.