Topics tested for Math 151:04-06, fall 2003
with further suggestions on preparing for the final exam

  • Please: it is worthwhile and fair to prepare intelligently for an exam. Let me help you to make what I believe are good choices for such preparation.
  • Here are problems given in review material and past exams for Math 151. The problems have been roughly classified by topic. Students who have done poorly on problems covered by certain topics can review problems related to those topics.
    The classification is certainly not definitive (!). Please send me corrections or comments.
  • Other things to do: answer a few textbook problems (2 easy, 1 medium) in any section discussing a topic which is difficult for you. Also maybe look at the Question of the Day (QotD) for such topics. The statement and usually a solution of the QotD are available in a file of the course diary. At least most of the time, the QotD was intended to be a useful, simple question covering an essential point of the material. Some of the time this intention was not successfully carried out.

Topic Exam 1 review Exam 1
Exam 1 answers
Exam 2 review Exam 2
Exam 2 answers
Exam 2 bonus problems Course review problems
Secret final review problems
Tangent line 121, 8   3 Q
Differentiation 2, 951 126, 8 H
Limits (basic) 3, 83  8 4 G, L
Definition of derivative 41    7 B, G
Simple uses of derivative 52, 7  3, 942, 21 
Intermediate Value Theorem 64    18, 19  
f' from f 76      M
Linear approximation    1 1115H
Graphing f using f' and f''   2 6512, 13, 14J, K
Mean Value Theorem   3   17, 19S1
Limits with l'Hopital   4, 10 8 4, 5L, S2
Newton's method   5 2 20 
Implicit differentiation   8 363, 6Q
Related rates   9 7 11D, T
Max-min   11 5310, 22C, U
Antiderivatives & indefinite integrals   12 4 9, 23E, V
Functions     8  F
Continuity        1G
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus       16M, W
Definite integral       24, 25, 27 P, R, Y
Areas       26 R

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