Math 103, Section 99, Spring 2000

Meeting Monday and Wednesday 4th period (1:10-2:30) in ARC-203 on Busch Campus

Below is a description of this section of Math 103. The content, text, and instructional goals of this section are very different from those of the other Math 103 sections. If you are interested in enrolling in this section, please read this web page.

Students taking Math 103 should have either passed Math 026 or Math 027 or placed into Math 103 or higher. Students who have not fulfilled one of these prerequisites will be deregistered.

A more extended description of some possible topics in this course is available. This course is one of several courses recently introduced at Rutgers, partially funded by the National Science Foundation. We hope to inform and excite students about mathematics and science. We want to demonstrate clearly the relevance and importance of what we teach.

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