With Bernhard Neumann at the University of Ireland, Galway

At Columbia University

Serre, Lubotzky and Bass at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Serre learning how to use a canne anglaise, Jerusalem

Circle of friends

Diego Rivera's "El Matematico", 1918

At Harvard Science Center

House of Winnie-the-Pooh at Harvard

Harvard Yard from 5th Floor Science Center

At Yale University

At Yale University

At the University of Hong Kong

At Rutgers University

With Tim Steger at IAS, Princeton

At Kaikoura Field Station, New Zealand

At Strings 2009, Rome, Italy

With Yi-Zhi Huang and Konstantin Mischaikow at Rutgers University

At IHES, France

Konstantin Mischaikow with knitted hyperbolic surfaces

Katia Consani and Walter Freyn in the Numbers Garden at Ohio State University

Molly reading Ed Frenkel's "Love and Math"