Homework Guidelines

The graders and I will attempt to carefully grade your work, and give you feedback on it so that you can improve your skills. This is time consuming work, but is an important part of your learning in this course. Evaluating student's work is made more difficult (or impossible) when it is sloppily written, when there are loose pages, when there are many words crossed out, etc. So you have to do your part to help us evaluate your work efficiently. Your homework must conform to the following rules: Written work that deviates significantly from these requirements may be rejected as "unacceptable".

Policy on collaboration in homework.

Obtaining written work pertaining to a homework problem from another individual is cheating and will be treated as such. On the other hand, discussing classwork with others is a valuable and legitimate way to learn. To keep this distinction clear, students must follow the following guidelines:
Note: These guidelines for homework preparation were prepared by Professor Michael Saks (the course coordinator) and used with his permission.