Mathematics Department - Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure: Related Areas

Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure: Related Areas

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

The department recommends that each mathematics major take at least one two-semester sequence of two mathematically oriented courses in some other discipline. For areas with dual degree programs, refer to the respective list of recommended courses.

Computer Science

The introductory course is 01:198:111, a course that is required of all mathematics majors. A new course, 01:640:107, will probably be in place by the Fall '06 semester; it will take the place of 01:198:111 as a requirement for mathematics majors. For additional current information on computer science courses, consult the catalogue and an adviser from the Department of Computer Science. Here is a list of computer science advisers and their office hours. This list is also posted in the Computer Science undergraduate office, Hill Center 390 (Busch campus).


Students begin with either 01:750:123-124 (taken by physics majors), 01:750:271-272-273 (honors sequence, physics department permission required) or 01:750:203-204. To follow the introductory sequence, one possible choice would be 01:750:323-324. Students who did well in the first courses and want to study physics seriously should instead take either 01:750:381-382 (Mechanics) or 01:750:385-386(Electromagnetism). Students of analysis will find the last-named sequence to be particularly illuminating.


Sophomores interested in statistics courses can take 01:960:379-380. Students who have already had Math 477-481 should omit Stat 379. Stat 380 is an applied statistics course which may be taken after Math 481, although either 01:960:381 or Math 481 satisfies the prerequisite for upper-level statistics courses. Some of the upper-level courses that mathematics majors should consider are Stat 463, 476, 486, and 490. Note that credit is not given for both Stat 381-382 and Math 477-481; however, either of those sequences may follow 01:960:379-380. Among these courses, only those with subject code 640 count towards the major or minor in mathematics.

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