Mathematics Department - Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure - Interdisciplinary Majors and the Minor

Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure - Interdisciplinary Majors and the Minor

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Interdisciplinary Majors

In addition to the standard and honor track options, two interdisciplinary majors are available at Rutgers - New Brunswick/Piscataway. Students electing one of these majors should consult with the mathematics department and the allied department early and continually to make sure they are making appropriate progress towards the degree.

Statistics/Mathematics Interdisciplinary Major (curriculum code 961): This major is administered by the Department of Statistics. Webpage.

Biomathematics Interdisciplinary Major (curriculum code 122): This major requires

  • 63-67 credits
    • 33 in mathematics
    • 30-34 in biology and cognate fields
  • Students must earn a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 in courses credited toward the major.
The major is administered by the mathematics department. For the precise course requirements and other details, consult the web site for the biomathematics major. This site includes a useful list of biology and mathematical biology links.

School of Arts and Sciences Minor in Mathematics: A minor in mathematics consists of

  • Three terms of calculus; ordinarily 01:640:151, 152, 251
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra (01:640:250)
  • Four additional 3-credit courses chosen from 01:640:252, 244 and 300-400 level courses in the mathematics department (01:640:491, 492 do not satisfy this requirement).
  • Grades of C or better are required in 01:640:250 and 251
  • at most one D is permitted in the four courses beyond 01:640:250.
  • At least three out of the four elective courses must be taken at Rutgers - New Brunswick/Piscataway.
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