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Selected Upper Level Courses for the Mathematics Major

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

This page accompanies the Mathematics Department's general information flyer, giving a fuller listing of some upper level courses commonly taken to fulfill the elective requirements for the mathematics major. The semesters in which they are usually offered (Fall, Spring, or Summer) are indicated, to help students plan their schedules. As variations will occur over time, one should not assume that this schedule will be rigidly followed by the department - and one should be on the lookout for new courses which develop the program in new directions, and may be of special interest.
  • 300 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (F,S) – required for many upper level courses
  • 336 Differential Equations in Biology (F,S)
  • 338 Discrete and Probabilistic Models in Biology (S)
  • 354 Linear Optimization (S,Su)
  • 356 Theory of Numbers (F,Su)
  • 373 Numerical Analysis I (F,S,Su) & II (S)
  • 403 Intro Theory Functions of a Complex Variable (S)
  • 411 Mathematical Analysis I (F) & II (S)
  • 423 Elementary Partial Differential Equations (F,S)
  • 424 Stochastic Models in Operations Research (S)
  • 428 Graph Theory (F)
  • 435 Geometry (F)
  • 436 History of Mathematics (S)
  • 441 Introductory Topology I (F [but S2007]) & II (S)
  • 451 Abstract Algebra I (F) & II (S)
  • 454 Combinatorics (F, Su)
  • 461 Mathematical Logic (S)
  • 477 Mathematical Theory of Probability I (F,S,Su)
  • 478 Mathematical Theory of Probability II (S)
  • 481 Mathematical Theory of Statistics (F)

In Fall 2006 we introduced a new course on Financial Mathematics under the temporary number 495, and we are introducing new courses aimed at future elementary school teachers as well.

Note on numbering: The official course number for Math 300 is 01:640:300, where 640 is the subject number (Mathematics).

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