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Core Requirements

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This page gives the core course requirements for the major in mathematics at Rutgers/New Brunswick.

Requirements for the Major in Mathematics (Curriculum Code 640)

Mathematics majors must complete:

    • Three terms of calculus (01:640:151-152, and 251, or their equivalents)
    • Introductory Linear Algebra (01:640: 250)
    • Elementary Differential Equations (01:640:252)

    The courses 01:640:250, 251, and 252 must be passed with grades of C or better.

    Majors normally should complete 01:640:250 and 251 by the end of their sophomore year.

  1. 01:198:107 Introduction to Computer Science, with a grade of C or better.
    01:198:111 may be substituted for 01:198:107 and is specifically recommended for students with a strong interest in computation.
    14:332:252 Electrical Engineering may be substituted for 01:198:107, but 14:440:127, a three-credit course, may not.
    It is strongly recommended that this course be completed by the end of the sophomore year.
  2. All the requirements in one of the mathematics major options (standard, honors). Restrictions:
    • Students must notify the mathematics department in writing if they are not following the standard mathematics major option (Option A).
    • Students may not substitute courses from other departments for mathematics (subject code 640) courses.

To be admitted into the mathematics major program, a student must normally have completed three terms of calculus with a grade of C or better in each course. To continue as a mathematics major, a student is expected to make satisfactory progress toward completing the program. Under normal circumstances, satisfactory progress for a full-time student means completion of at least one mathematics course each term, at an appropriate level, with a grade of C or better.

To complete the mathematics major a student must receive grades of C or better in each of 01:640:250, 251 and 252, and in all but at most one of the further mathematics courses. Moreover, a student must receive grades of C or better in all courses in other departments (e.g., computer science) that are used to fulfill the requirements of the mathematics major. (This applies to all options.)

Note: Mathematics 300 (Mathematical Reasoning) is a prerequisite for the abstract courses Math 311, 350, and 351, as well as many other upper-level mathematics courses.

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