Mathematics Department - Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure: Advising

Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure: Advising

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Each math major should see an adviser in the department at least once each semester, during the process of registering for the following semester.  The head undergraduate adviser maintains regular hours in Hill Center 308 throughout each term, and can also be seen by appointment. The advising schedule is at Information is also available by telephone, (732) 445-2390, or email, The head adviser is available outside the pre-registration period for formal advising about major and graduation requirements, etc.

The department faculty provides informal advice and discussion to students throughout the year. The department encourages students to consult with faculty members for general advice on mathematical and scientific matters, and to maintain their contact with former instructors after courses end. Although instructors feel obligated to give priority during office hours to students in their current courses, most faculty members are happy to talk to anyone who stops in during office hours (or at any time when they're not under time pressure to do something else). A list of faculty and their areas of interest is at:

Sources of Current Information for Majors

The mathematics department maintains a web site,, with useful information for undergraduates, including new courses, special seminars, mathematics competitions, and job opportunities. Students are encouraged to visit this web site frequently.

During the spring, the mathematics department often gets calls and letters from organizations offering employment to graduating seniors. Less frequently, the department receives inquiries seeking candidates for part-time or summer jobs. Information about these employment opportunities and about a great variety of graduate programs for which mathematics majors are eligible are posted on bulletin boards adjacent to the doors of the main undergraduate office, Hill Center 303.

See also our discussion of Choosing Courses to Fit Career Goals.

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