Mathematics Department - Official Undergraduate Mathematics Honors Track Catalog Description

Official Undergraduate Mathematics Honors Track Catalog Description

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Option C, Honors Track

The mathematics department offers a special honors track to qualified students. Admission to the honors track is by application; an application form is available from the math undergraduate office or from the math department web site. Students should normally apply not later than by the end of the first semester of their sophomore year. Students in the honors track will have their progress reviewed by the honors committee, and are expected to earn B's or better in their advanced math courses (300 level and above). Students who successfully complete the honors track with a GPA in their upper level math courses of at least 3.4 will qualify for graduation with honors in mathematics.

Each student in the honors option will be assigned a faculty advisor. Together with the advisor, he or she will formulate a proposed course plan, subject to the approval of the mathematics honors committee. This course of study will normally include 01:640:192, 291, and 292 (01:640:151, 152, 251, and 252 may be accepted if approved by the honors committee); 01:198:111, 01:640:250, 300H, 411-412, and 451-452; two semesters of one-credit honors seminar, at least one at the junior/senior level; and four mathematics electives as approved by the honors committee.

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