Mathematics Department - Undergraduate Honors Programs: Math 300 H

Math 300 H (Honors)
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

This is a special honors section of Math 300. Math 300 is a course required for all mathematics majors which teaches fundamental skills, especially the reading and writing of mathematical proofs, that are needed for future mathematics courses. The honors section of math 300 covers more material and is significantly more challenging than the normal sections of 300. It is intended for highly motivated students who have demonstrated strong mathematical ability.

One of the main purposes of Math 300 H is to serve qualified students who are interested in joining the Department of Mathematics Honors Track. Students who do well in math 300 H are good candidates for acceptance into the track. However, interest in the honors track is not a requirement for being accepted into 300 H.

Special permission is required for admission to 300 H. When applying for special permission, be sure to include your reasons for applying. Requests for admission to 300 H are evaluated based on the student's prior achievements, level of interest, and potential for success in the course.

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