Fall 2002 courses in the Rutgers-New Brunswick Math Graduate Program

Fall 2002 courses in the Rutgers-New Brunswick Math Graduate Program

About the table below

Please see Beginning the fall semester at the bottom of this page.

All of the entries are currently correct and intended to still be correct at the start of the semester. Updating will occur when the maintainer of this page is informed. Experience has shown that schedules, instructors, and topics will change. The word "Probably" is used here as a periodic reminder of this fact.

Course number
640 is the prefix for Mathematics courses and 642 is the prefix for Applied Mathematics courses. There is now no distinction in degree requirements for Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and to some extent there has been a steady decrease in any emotional or intellectual separation which might have existed.

Index number
This five digit number is needed to register for a course in the Rutgers system.

Course name
This is the official course name which is in the Rutgers system for the course corresponding to the given course number. There may be little relationship between this name and the course contents.


Probably. HLL refers to Hill Center. The Graduate Program and the Math Department control the use of only a few (four) real classrooms. There are other spaces available which have sometimes been used for class meetings.

Days, period; times
Probably. Constraints on meeting times include times which should be left free for faculty meetings, times left free for traditional seminar meetings, and 8 AM. Most faculty and almost all graduate students are quite unwilling to admit that 8 AM exists as a time for intellectual converse. Note: Monday=M, Tuesday=T, Wednesday=W, Thursday=Th, Friday=F. The "period" refers to the Rutgers 80-minute period. Period 1 begins at 8:10. There are 20 minutes between periods.

Informal description
Faculty were asked to supply informal descriptions of their courses. These descriptions were edited mildly. Some descriptions which are given may change, hopefully not too much.

You may click on any course number and get a course description.

Course number
Course name Instructor Place
Days, period; times
640:501 02466 Theor Func Real Vari R. Wheeden HLL 525
MW 5; 2:50-4:10
640:503 02467 Theor Func Comp Vari O. Costin HLL 423
TTh 5; 2:50-4:10
640:507 09922 Functional Analysis A. Soffer HLL 423
MW 6; 4:30-5:50
640:509 14316 Sel Topics in Analysis F. Treves HLL 425
TTh 5; 2:50-4:10
640:519 12193 Sel Topics in Diff Equ S. Chanillo HLL 423
TTh 2; 9:50-11:10
640:521 14317 Harmonic Analysis Y. Li HLL 423
MW 2; 9:50-11:10
640:540   Intro Alg Topology To be announced. To be given in spring 2002
640:532 14318 Differential Geometry X. Rong HLL 124
TTh 2; 9:50-11:10
640:534 14319 Sel Topics in Geometry P. Feehan HLL 525
TTh 3; 11:30-12:50
640:535 14321 Algebraic Geometry J. Tunnell HLL 525
MW 4; 1:10-2:30
640:551 02469 Abstract Algebra R. Lyons HLL 425
WF 2; 9:50-11:10
640:560 14323 Homological Algebra C. Weibel HLL 124
TTh 4; 1:10-2:30
640:566 14324 Axiomatic Set Theory S. Thomas HLL 124
TTh 5; 2:50-4:10
640:573 12197 Spec Top Number Theory H. Iwaniec HLL 124
TF 3; 11:30-12:50
642:527 02545 Methods of Appl Math G. Goldin HLL 705
MW 7; 6:10-7:30
642:550 02546 Linear Alg & Applications R. Goodman HLL 423
M 7; 6:10-7:30 & W 4; 1:10-2:30
642:575 14325 Num Solutions of PDE M. Vogelius HLL 525
TTh 5; 2:50-4:10
642:582 02547 Combinatorics D. Zeilberger HLL 525
MTh 2; 9:50-11:10
642:587 10461 Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics J. Kahn HLL 425
TF 3; 11:30-12:50
642:591 14412 Topics in Probability and Ergodic Theory J. Beck HLL 425
MW 5; 2:50-4:10
642:611:01   Sel Top Appl Math M. Kruskal To be given as a reading course.
Please contact the instructor.
642:661:01 06052 Topics Math Physics J. Lebowitz HLL 124
M 4; 1:10-2:30 & W 2; 9:50-11:10
F 4; 1:10-2:30 (sometimes!)
642:661:02   Topics Math Physics G. Gallavotti To be given as a reading course.
Please contact the instructor.

Beginning the fall semester

  • The first class day of the fall 2002 semester is Tuesday, September 3, 2002.
  • Written qualifying exams will be given during the week before the semester begins, Wednesday and Thursday morning (August 28 and 29, 2002).
  • There will be a reception for new graduate students on Friday afternoon (August 30, 2002) of the week before the semester begins.
"Tea" (coffee/tea/etc.) and "cookies" (variable in type and quantity) are available most afternoons (3:30-4:30 PM) during the semester, usually in the lounge on the 7th floor. On rare occasions even more food appears. There are many interesting seminars almost every week.

More complete descriptions of courses including information about texts are usually posted outside the 3rd floor mailroom. Almost all introductory graduate courses in mathematics are given as a series of lectures. Most such courses have written homework, and one or more oral or written examinations. Many basic courses have assigned texts. More advanced courses depart from these rules. Students are sometimes asked to lecture, and there are rarely assigned texts.

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