1996-1997 courses in the Rutgers-New Brunswick Math Graduate Program

1996-1997 courses in the
Rutgers-New Brunswick Math Graduate Program

Other old course listings

640 courses (Pure Mathematics)
Fall Semester 1996 Spring Semester 1997
Course Course name Instructor Course Course name Instructor
501Real Analysis ISahi 502Real Analysis IIWalsh
503Complex Analysis ITreves
507Functional AnalysisNussbaum
509Topics AnalysisKruskal 515Intro ODE Sussmann
517Intro PDE I YY Li 518Intro PDE IIYY Li
521Harmonic AnalysisWheeden
532Diff GeometryZC Han 534Sel Topics GeometryGoodman
535Algebraic GeometryTunnell 536Algebraic GeometryTunnell
540Intro Alg Topology I Landweber 541Intro Alg Topology IILandweber
546Topics Alg TopologyPetrie 546Topics Alg TopologyLuo
550Lie AlgebrasGoodman 549Lie GroupsGindikin
551Algebra IKnop 552Algebra IIOsofsky
555Sel Topics AlgebraLyons 553Group TheoryKnop
555Sel Topics AlgebraLepowsky 555Sel Topics AlgebraLepowsky
559Commutative AlgebraVasconcelos 560Homological AlgebraWeibel
561Mathematical LogicCherlin
571Number TheoryW. Duke
573Topics Number TheoryIwaniec
642 courses (Applied Mathematics)
Fall Semester 1998 Spring Semester 1999
527Methods Applied MathKiessling 528Methods Applied MathKiessling
550Linear Algebra & AppsBen-Israel
573Numerical Analysis IVogelius 574Numerical Analysis IIVogelius
516Applied ODEs Barros-Neto 578Math Topics Systems TheorySontag
581Graph TheoryKomlos
582Combinatorics I Beck 583Combinatorics IIBeck
587Sel Topics Discrete MathSaks 587Sel Topics Discrete MathKahn
591Topics Prob Ergodic TheoryOcone 592Topics Prob Ergodic TheoryOcone
611Selected Topics Applied MathButler 612Selected Topics Applied MathPetrie
661Sel Topics Math PhysicsLebowitz 662Sel Topics Math PhysicsGoldstein
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