Mathematics Department - SPP 2016 Details

Details for Some Activities of the 2016 SPP

Mathematics Graduate Program

Our computers & software  
This will provide a brief overview of the computing environment of the Math Department and the University. Particular attention will be given to items of interest to math graduate students.

A member of the department's Computing Committee and one of our Computing Services staff will be speaking.

Introduction to the Rutgers Libraries  
How do you conduct research using our library resources at Rutgers? Mei Ling Lo, our Math and Computer Science Librarian, will introduce you to our library services and show you how to access them anywhere, anytime!

Math and Computer Science Librarian Mei Ling Lo. She has also prepared a special guide on library resources related to Mathematics.

Written Qualifying Exams  
(Wednesday, August 31 – Friday, September 2)

Incoming students are recommended to take it since they are not penalized for failure.

Graduate Student Research Glimpses

Glimpse 1

Lecturer: Ross Berkowitz
Title: A Few Combinatorial Problems
Abstract: Combinatorics is the study of finite, discrete, and countable objects. However, to get a flavor of the subject, it is best to look at the problems tackled and, of equal importance, the techniques used to solve them. In this talk, I will discuss a few classical combinatorial problems and show how one might attack them using the simple, but powerful probabilistic method.

Glimpse 2

Lecturer: Sjuvon Chung
Title: Enumerative geometry, old and new: From the ancients to B├ęzout, Schubert, String Theory and beyond.
Abstract: Given four general lines in space, how many lines do you reckon meet all four? How many degree-d rational curves in the plane pass through 3d-1 given points in general position? Enumerative geometry counts the number of solutions to these types of geometric questions. It's an old branch of mathematics that's still alive and kicking, as it continues to draw together the precision of algebra with the spiritedness of geometry. We'll take a look at solutions to the questions above, and catch a view of the techniques involved in this subject.

Glimpse 3

Lecturer: Liming Sun
Title: Riemann mapping theorem and its generalization in conformal geometry
Abstract: In this talk I will introduce the Riemann mapping theorem and show that the specialty of dimension 2 in conformal geometry. In higher dimensions, the Liouville theorem conclude the rigidity of its conformal structure. I will also discuss stereographic projection, how it leads to one type of elliptic equations. Some classification of the solution to that PDE is touched. In the end, I will briefly explain the connection of these problems to my thesis.
Breakfast! (9:00-- 9:30 AM, August 22)
We will try to supply an agreeable breakfast (this means free food, which is usually interesting to graduate students) to get you charged up for the first morning of our week-long SPP.
Wake up!

Welcome Lunch  (Friday, September 2 at 12:00)
Lunch  (August 22 and August 26 at 12:30pm)

The lunches will be in Hill 703.

The September 2 lunch will be a large gathering for new and continuing graduate students and faculty.

The August 22 and August 26 lunches will be for participants in the SPP. During lunch on August 26, some continuing graduate students will lead an informal discussion about:

"What every math grad student should know."

In this session the participating continuing students will explain various aspects of graduate student life at Rutgers and offer their advice.

Grad Student Welcome Meeting

The current math graduate students are organizing a welcome meeting for the entering Ph.D. students



Aerobie is a relaxed soccer-style game played with an aerobie (a plastic annulus with aerodynamic properties similar to a frisbee). The grad students will recruit you to play regularly with the Rutgers Aerobie Team if you let them.

TBA will be the convener.

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