Getting Maple to plot direction fields for a scalar differential equation
This is exacly what you do in order to obtain direction fields for
    y' =  t2-y2
for between -2 and and between -3 and 3 .
(we are assuming that you are logged into eden).

First type:   xmaple &

(yeah, hit return or enter afterwards) -- a window will open with the maple program; put the cursor after the prompt ">".

Next, type:  with(DEtools):with(plots):

(note the colons, and also the fact that "DE" is capitalized).  (Yes, hit return!)

Finally,type:  dfieldplot(diff(y(t),t) = t^2 - y^2,y(t),t=-2..2,y=-3..3);

(the "^" is for squaring, obviously; the dots are for saying "from... to...")
voila!  wasn't that a nice plot?  (you did see it, right?)
... oh yes,: go to File and click exit when you are done.

Note: to get darker lines, insert: ,color=black,thickness=2 before the last parenthesis.

go to the two-dimensional direction fields page

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