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Information on textbooks for all Undergraduate Mathematics courses at the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses of Rutgers are collected here. This information is cumulative since the Fall 2000 semester. Course numbers are followed by brackets containing the codes F for Fall Semester courses, S for Spring Semester courses, or both. Changes in textbook for the current semester are indicated at the end of the item (including upgrades to new editions). When available, a link to a suitable page on the publisher's web site has been included. Information about particular books can be found in a few steps from this link. In a few cases, there is a fixed page devoted to the particular text which is indicated by a link marked (text). The title, author or ISBN number can also be used to find information from on-line bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or The Mathematics Online Bookshelf (MOB) (in alphabetic order).

There are also pages from the Fall 2000, Spring 2001 and Fall 2001 semesters.

  • 001[F]: Jeffrey Slater & John Tobey; Basic College Mathematics (fourth edition); Prentice-Hall (text), 2002 (784 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-090954-8)
  • 021[F]: Same textbooks as 001 and 025.
  • 022[S]: Same textbooks as 025.
  • 023[F]: Same textbooks as 001 and 025.
  • 024[S]: Same textbooks as 025.
  • 025[FS]: Arthur Goodman & Lewis Hirsch; Understanding Elementary Algebra with Geometry: A Course for College Students (fourth edition); Brooks/Cole, 1998 (635 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-35316-9)
  • 026[FS]: Arthur Goodman & Lewis Hirsch; Understanding Intermediate Algebra: A Course for College Students (fourth edition); Brooks/Cole, 1998 (735 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-35338-X)
  • 027[FS]: Same textbook as 025.
  • 103 [FS]: Peter Tannenbaum & Robert Arnold; Excursions in Modern Mathematics (fourth edition); Prentice-Hall(text), 1998 (635 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-017762-8) (There is no separate text for section H1.)
  • 104[S]: Larry J. Goldstein, David I. Schneider & Martha J. Siegel ; Finite Mathematics and Its Applications (seventh edition); Prentice-Hall (712 pp.), 2001 (ISBN# 0-13-018678-3) [changed, Spring 2002]
  • 111[FS]: Same textbook and other material as 115.
  • 112[FS]: Same textbook and other material as 115.
  • 115[FS]: In addition to the textbook, an optional Student Solutions Manual is available. Students are also expected to have a graphing calculator, which should be comparable to our recommendation.
    • Text: James Stewart, Lothar Redlin & Saleem Watson; Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus (third edition); Brooks/Cole, 1998 (777 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-34504-2)
    • Solutions: Manual for Stewart/Redlin/Watson's Precalculus; (ISBN# 0-534-34506-9)
    • Calculator: Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-83 or equivalent. Any calculator with comparable features is acceptable.
  • 135[FS]: In addition to the textbook, a graphing calculator is used in this course.
    • Text: Soo T. Tan; Applied Calculus; Brooks/Cole (Fifth edition), 2002 (976 pp.);(ISBN# 0-534-37843-9)
    • Calculator: Same as for 115. The TI-89, or equivalent, is also acceptable.
  • 136[FS]: Same textbook and other material as 135. [updated, Spring 2002]
  • 138[S]: Same textbook and other material as 135, with supplements available from Mathematics Department.
  • 151[FS]: The required textbook may be supplemented by an optional Study guide or Student's solution manual. Also, students are expected to have a graphing calculator.
    • Text: James Stewart; Calculus, Early Transcendentals (fourth edition); Brooks/Cole, 1999 (1120 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-36298-2)
    • Study Guide for Stewart's Calculus (ISBN# 0-534-36820-4)
    • Solutions Manual for Stewart's Calculus (ISBN# 0-534-36301-6)
    • Calculator: Same as for 135. In particular, a TI-89 may be used in this course.
  • 152[FS]: Same textbook and other material as 151.
  • 153[F]: Same textbook and other material as 151.
  • 154[S]: Same textbook and other material as 151.
  • 192[F]: Same textbook and other material as 151.
  • 244[FS]: William E. Boyce & Richard C. DiPrima ; Elementary Differential Equations (seventh edition); Wiley (text) 2001 (608 pp.); (ISBN# 0-471-31998-8)
  • 250 (all)[FS]: Bernard Kolman & David R Hill ; Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications (seventh edition); Prentice-Hall(text) 2001 (577 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-018265-6)
  • 251[FS]: Same text as 151. A solution manual and a study guide for this material is also available.
  • 252[FS]: Paul Blanchard, Robert L. Devaney & Glen Hall; Differential Equations (first edition); Brooks/Cole, 1998 (736 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-34550-6)
  • 291[FS]: Same textbook as 251.
  • 292[S]: Mary L. L. Boas; Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (second edition); Wiley 1983 (816 pp.); (ISBN# 0-471-04409-1)
  • 300[FS]: Edward R.Scheinerman ; Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction (first edition); Brooks/Cole, 2000 (450 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-35638-9)
  • 311[FS]: Robert G. Bartle & Donald R. Sherbert; Introduction to Real Analysis (third edition); Wiley (text), 2000; (ISBN# 0-471-32148-6)
  • 321[F]: Gilbert Strang; Introduction to Applied Mathematics; Wellesley-Cambridge Press 1986; (ISBN# 0-9614088-0-4)
  • 336[FS]: Leah Edelstein-Keshet; Mathematical Models in Biology; McGraw-Hill, 1988 (600 pp.); (ISBN# 0-075-54950-6)
  • 338[S]:
    • A regular text and an optional one. Text: R. Durbin, S. Eddy, A. Krogh & G. Mitchison; Biological Sequence Analysis: Probabilistic Models of Proteins and Nucleic Acids (first edition); Cambridge University Press, 1998 (paperback, 368 pp.); (ISBN# 0-521-62971-3)
    • Optional: Erica Flapan; When Topology Meets Chemistry; Cambridge University Press, 2000 (256 pp.); (ISBN# 0-521-66254-0)[changed, Spring 2002]
  • 350[FS]: Stephen H. Friedberg, Arnold J. Insel & Lawrence E. Spence; Linear Algebra (third edition); Prentice-Hall (text),1997 (557 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-233859-9) [new, Spring 2002]
  • 351[FS]: Thomas W. Hungerford; Abstract Algebra: An Introduction (second edition); Harcourt College Publishers ( text), 1997 (588 pp.); (ISBN# 0-03-010559-5)
  • 354[S]: Bernard Kolman & Robert E. Beck; Elementary Linear Programming with Applications (second edition); Academic Press, 1995 (449 pp.); (ISBN# 0-12-417910-X)
  • 356[F]: Kenneth H. Rosen; Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications (fourth edition); Addison Wesley, 2000 (544 pp.); (ISBN# 0-201-87073-8)
  • 361[S]:Karel Hrbacek & Thomas Jech; Introduction to Set Theory (second edition); Marcel Dekker, 1984 (264 pp.); (ISBN# 0-8247-7074-9)
  • 373[FS]: Richard L. Burden & J. Douglas Faires; Numerical Analysis (seventh edition); Brooks/Cole, 2001 (841 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-38216-9)
  • 373[S]: same as 373.
  • 395[S]: Paul Garrett; Making, Breaking Codes: An Introduction to Cryptology (first edition); Prentice-Hall, 2001 (524 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-030369-0)[changed, Spring 2002]
  • 403[S]: Stephen D. Fisher; Complex Variables (second edition); Dover Publications, 1990 (paperback, 422 pp.) (ISBN# 0-486-40679-2) [changed, Spring 2002]
  • 411[F]: Walter Rudin; Principles of Mathematical Analysis (third edition); McGraw-Hill, 1976 (325 pp.); (ISBN# 0-07-054235-X)
  • 412[S]: Walter Rudin; Principles of Mathematical Analysis (third edition); McGraw-Hill, 1976 (325 pp.); (ISBN# 0-07-054235-X)
  • 421[FS]: Erwin Kreyszig; Advanced Engineering Mathematics (eighth edition); Wiley (text), 1999; (ISBN# 0-471-15496-2)
  • 423[FS]: Walter A. Strauss; Partial Differential Equations (third edition); Wiley (text), 1992 (440 pp.); (ISBN# 0-471-54868-5)
  • 424[F]: Samuel Karlin, Edited by Howard E. Taylor; Title: An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling (third edition); Academic Press, 1998; (ISBN# 0-12-684887-4)
  • 428[F]: Gary Chartrand & Ortrud Oellermann; Applied and Algorithmic Graph Theory; McGraw-Hill, 1993 (432 pp.); (ISBN# 0-07-557101-3)
  • 432[F]: Manfredo DoCarmo; Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces (first edition); Prentice-Hall, 1976 (503 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-212589-7)
  • 435[F]: David A. Brannan, Matthew F. Esplen & Jeremy J. Gray; Geometry (first edition); Cambridge University Press, 1999 (510 pp.); (ISBN# 0-521-59787-0)
  • 436[S]: Carl B. Boyer (revised by Uta C. Merzbach); A History of Mathematics (second edition); Wiley 1991 (paperback, 715 pp.); (ISBN# 0-471-54397-7) [changed, Spring 2002]
  • 441[F]: James Munkres; Topology (second edition); Prentice-Hall, 2000 (537 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-181629-2)
  • 451[F]: Michael Artin; Algebra (first edition); Prentice-Hall, 1991 (672 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-004763-5)
  • 453[F]: Vasek Chvatal; Linear Programming; W. H. Freeman Company, 1983 (478 pp.); (ISBN# 0-7167-1587-2)
  • 454[F]: Fred S. Roberts; Applied Combinatorics (first edition); Prentice-Hall, 1984 (640 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-039313-4)
  • 461[S]: Herbert B. Enderton; A Mathematical Introduction to Logic (second edition); Academic Press, 2001 (352 pp.); (ISBN# 0-12-238452-0)
  • 477[FS]: Sheldon M. Ross; A First Course in Probability (sixth edition); Prentice-Hall (Waveland Press, 1987 (paperback, 203 pp.); (ISBN# 0-88133-267-4)
  • 481[FS]: Irwin Miller, Marylees Miller & John E. Freund; John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics (sixth edition); Prentice-Hall, 1999 (624 pp.); (ISBN# 0-13-123613-X)

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