Applied Math 642:550 -- Summer 2007

MTTh 6:00--8:30 PM -- LSH-A139
(after first week)


Here is the course description, stolen from the Rutgers Summer School Catalog

16:642:550: SEC. E6:80559
MTTH (6 PM - 8:30 PM)
06/25 to 08/03 LIV (originally BUS)

PREREQUISITE: Consent of instructor or graduate director.

Vector spaces, bases, and dimension. Linear operators, quadratic forms, and their matrix representations. Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalizability, Jordan and other canonical forms. Applications to systems of linear differential equations.

General information.

The main source of course material in this department is the World Wide Web.  The department home page is That page has links to Course materials, which shows a page with links to individual courses.  Many courses, including this one, have pointers to several years of course archives.  Here is a link to the summer 2006 page, which was taught by the present instructor. This course has been stable for several years.  However, you can expect minor revisions in the supplements, and some new homework exercises.

I also have a personal home page that can also be reached by following the Faculty link on the department page.

I will be available in my Livingston office (LSH-B102B) for questions between 5:00 and 6:00 PM on class days, and in Hill 438 by appointment.

The pace of the course will be enforced by a short (of duration no more than 45 minutes) exam each week.  These exams will be given at the start of the period on Tuesday for the second and third weeks, and Monday for subsequent weeks.

Homework will be collected two class meetings after it is assigned. The homework will be graded.  The grade will mostly serve to identify additional work that should be done prior to the exam. 

July 4 is a holiday, but it falls on Wednesday this year, so we will have six full weeks of classes. 

There will be a three hour final exam in the last class meeting on Thursday, August 2.  This class will been lengthened to three hours, and be held from 6 to 9 PM. No books, papers or calculators are allowed on any exam.


Prior exposure to Linear Algebra at the Undergraduate level is expected, allowing the course to begin with Chapter 4 of the text.  The first class will include a quick review of the topics in such a course.


Rutgers uses Sakai to enhance exchanges of information in the course. Follow the link in the previous sentence to reach the Welcome screen (that looks like this screen shot). Login with your Rutgers NetID (eden or rci username and password) and you should see a screen with a tab for this course at the top of the screen. Course materials (supplements, homework assignments, and guides to the exams) should be obtained from that site.


Here is a list of the supplements used during this semester. There were a few changes from previous versions in addition to the date. In particular, there is now a uniform convention of using letters to designate exercises and collecting all exercises at the end of the supplement.

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