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01:642:527 Methods of Applied Mathematics I (3)
A first semester graduate course intended primarily for students in mechanical and aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, and other engineering programs. Power series and the method of Frobenius for solving differential equations; nonlinear differential equations and phase plane methods; vector spaces of functions, Hilbert spaces, and orthonormal bases; Fourier series and Sturm-Liouville theory; Fourier and Laplace transforms; separation of variables and other elementary solution methods for the linear differential equations of physics: the heat, wave, and Laplace equations.
  • Text: Michael D. Greenberg, Advanced Engineering Mathematics (second edition), Prentice-Hall, 1998.

Prerequisites and preparation

The mathematical prerequisites for Mathematics 527 are
  • the calculus of single variable and multivariable functions,
  • elementary differential equations, and
  • some linear algebra.
The majority of students entering Math 527 are ready for the course on the basis of their previous studies, but those who have been out of school for a while, or have a weak mathematical background, may not be sufficiently prepared. To help students enroll in the course that is right for them, the Mathematics Department provides here a set of notes discussing and reviewing some of the prerequisites for the course. The department strongly suggests that students prepare themselves for Math 527 by reviewing these notes and the other prerequisites mentioned there but not discussed in detail.

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