Mathematics 452, Abstract Algebra II
Spring 2014 Information

Text: M. Artin, Algebra, 2nd edition

Instructor: Professor Jerrold Tunnell

Course material:

This course is part of the honors sequence designed for mathematics students planning to go on to graduate study in mathematics. We will study selected aspects of fields, vector spaces, rings, modules and Galois theory.

Two in-class midterm examinations (20% each):   40%
Final examination: 40%
Homework and Quizzes: 20%:

Homework and quizzes:
Weekly homework will be assigned in class from the book, collected and graded. Students may discuss problems with others, but all submitted homework solutions are to be written by the student, with acknowledgment of any collaborations or hints obtained. Late homework will not be accepted. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.