Patricia DiJoseph

Patricia DiJoseph was born in 1983 in Princeton, New Jersey, and lived in Quakertown, Pennsylvania until emigrating to Woodbridge, New Jersey, at the age of two, where she has resided ever since. She attended Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison and is enrolled in the Honors Program at Rutgers University. Her intended major is Mathematics, with a minor in Art History.
Patricia's parents are both Rutgers College graduates. Her mother, Clare McCartin-DiJoseph, is a fourth-grade public school teacher, and her father, John DiJoseph, is a research scientist; she intends to follow neither of their careers. Patricia has one older and one younger sister, both generally tolerable. Patricia toured Alaska with her family at the age of thirteen and has been to California numerous times to visit her father's side of the family. She is hoping to study abroad in Italy in her junior year. For as long as she can recall, Patricia has had a strong interest in mathematics.

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