Topics posted 3/30/06

The conic sections

Durer's Polyhedra

Geometric Algebra

Changes in geometry textbooks over the ages

Perspective in art and projective geometry

Paradoxes in mathematics from Zeno to Russell

The change in the conception of `number'' from the Greek period to the modern one

The notion of function through the centuries

Discussion of a mathematical controversy; e.gZeno's school vs the Aristotelians on indivisibles; Newton vs Berkeley on infinitesimal, Newton vs Leibniz

Mathematics in sub-Saharan Africa

Mathematics in pre-Columbian North America

The ethnomathematics of a particular culture

Consider the history of the limit concept from Eudoxus to the mid-eighteenth century. In particular, consider Berkeley's criticisms and Maclaurin's response

Discuss the development of spherical trigonometry from the Greeks to the Islamic mathematicians. Discuss how and whether one can use this material in trigonometry classes.

Discuss how the history of the solution of cubic equations from the Islamic period through the work of Lagrange can be used in algebra classes at various levels.