Last updated 3/30/06

These guidelines for the final project for mathematics 436 may be updated, so check back for additions.

Students are required to hand in a project at the end of the term. These will be essays of explaining something about mathematics and history. All project topics must be emailed to the instructor by 4/10/06. An essay should be about 10-20 pages in length, and done by computer word-processing. All sources - all illustrations and text not produced entirely by you - must be acknowledged. Grades will be based on:

* Mathematical content

* Historical content

* Relevance to course material

* Difficulty

* Interest

* Originality

* Clarity

* Accuracy

Every project must have a bibliography including some books or published articles in the history of mathematics. Katz has extensive notes to sources at the end of each chapter that may be helpful. Each project must have an abstract summarizing what the paper will contain. In early drafts the abstract will necessarily be a prediction, but by final versions it should be specific about the content and ideas of the paper and serve to interest the reader in reading the entire essay.