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Mathematics 421 – Advanced Calculus for Engineering

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Primarily for mechanical engineering majors. Prerequisite: CALC4. Credit not given for both this course and 01:640:423.
(NOTES: CALC4 denotes a course in Differential Equations that is the fourth semester of a Calculus sequence.  At Rutgers, these are the Math courses 244, 252, or 292.  The other course mentioned, 423 , has a title of Elementary Partial Differential Equations.  It includes similar topics, but is aimed at students majoring in Mathematics or Physics, rather than Engineering.)

Laplace transforms, numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, Fourier series, and separation of variables method applied to the linear partial differential equations of mathematical physics (heat, wave, and Laplace's equation).

Current Semester: Spring 2008

  • 01 Prof Bumby
  • 02 Prof Bumby
  • 03 Prof Tumulka
  • 05 Prof Rodney


Dennis G. Zill and Michael R. Cullen ; Advanced Engineering Mathematics (third edition); Jones and Bartlett, 2006; (ISBN# 0-763-74591-X)

The third edition was adopted in Fall 2006.

A selection of recommended homework problems, from the 3rd edition.


Individual sections may vary, but chapters 4, 12 and 13 should be covered in detail, supplemented with a treatment of linearity including a review of Vector Calculus from Part 2. If time permits, Chapter 14 will be introduced to apply the study of boundary value problems to problems described in non-rectangular coordinate systems.

The syllabi given below are based on the second edition of Zill & Cullen. The organization of the third edition is similar.


Previous semesters
Fall 2007 Sec. 01. Prof. Gindikin Sec. 02. Prof. Petrie Sec. 03. Prof. Irvine Sec. 04. Prof. Tumulka Sec. 05. Prof. Wheeden
Spring 2007 Sec. 1 Professor Irvine
MW4 in SEC 211.
Sec. 2 Professor Li
MW5 in SEC 204.
Sec. 3 Professor Han
TF3 in SEC 204.
Sec. 5 Professor Soffer
TTh8 in SEC 210.
Spring 2006 Professor Bumby's section  
Fall 2005 Professor Greenfield's section
(HW, Syllabus)

Older sections


Notes for Instructors

Notes on the text, by Peter Landweber.

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