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01:640:348Cryptography (3)
Applications of algebra and number theory to cryptography (encryption/decryption) and cryptanalysis (attacking encrypted messages). Topics include congruences, finite fields, finding large primes, pseudoprimes, and primality testing, as well as the Vigenere and Hill ciphers, the Data Encryption Standard, probabilistic, and trapdoor attacks on encrypted messages, and public key ciphers.
Prerequisites: 01:640:250; one of 01:640:300, 356, or 477, or permission of department.

This is an introduction to modern cryptology: making and breaking ciphers.

Topics to be covered include: Symmetric ciphers and how to break them, including DES and AES, Public Key/Private Key Ciphers and their weaknesses. The appropriate mathematical background will also be covered.

The prerequisites are Linear Algebra (Math 250); and one of Math 300, 356, or 477, or permission of department.

Text: Jeffrey Hoffstein, Jill Pipher, and Joseph H. Silverman; An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography; Springer, 2008 (523 pp.); (ISBN13: 978-0-387-77993-5)

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