640:252-04: Differential Equations

Instructor: Dr. Feng Luo
Office Hour: T10-12
Email: fluo@math.rutgers.edu

Class meets: MW 8, CA, A3, College Av. Campus.
Text: Paul Blanchard, Robert L. Devaney & Glen Hall; Differential Equations (second edition); Brooks/Cole, 2002 (786 pp.); (ISBN# 0-534-34514-1)

We plan to cover the following sections in the textbook: 1.1-1.8, 2.1-2.4, 3.1-3.8, 4.1-4.3, 5.1, 8.1-8.2.

Final Exam : Wed. Dec. 17, 8-11pm, in the same room, CA A3. The final exam covers all sections: 1.1-1.8, 2.1-2.4, 3.1-3.8, 4.1-4.3, 5.1, 8.1-8.2. and the matrix exponent.

Office hours during the Final Exam : Friday, Dec. 12, 9-10am, Wed., Dec. 17, 11am-noon. in Hill 230, Professor Z. Han's office.

Grader of the MatLab problems:

Course Policy

Homework and quiz: Homework will not be graded. You may find the assigment at homework assignments. You ara strongy encouraged to do all the homework assignments in a timely fashion. Quizzes will be given and will resemble the homework proglems.

First quiz: Thursday, Sept. 18, covers sections 1.1-1.6.

Second quiz: Monday, Oct. 6, covers sections, 1.8-2.2.

Attendance and Make-up Policy: Class attendance is expected. There will be no make-ups for quizzes and midterms.

Projects: There will be projects in the course. You are required to use Maple software to do the project.

Seed files of Lab 1 are the same as the seed files of "Lab 1" and "Lab 4" in the webpage:

"http://sites.math.rutgers.edu/courses/252/syllabus.html"> homework assignment s.

Grading Policy

Your grade will be determined by the maximum of the two quantities Q1 and Q2.

Q1 = 20% first midterm + 20% second midterm + 20% quizz and project + 40% final

Q2 = 15% first midterm + 15% second midterm + 20% quizz and project + 50% final

The midterm exams will be scheduled on these dates:

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