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In this Section: links to other useful online Maple resources

Links to Other Online Maple Resources

The simplest solution to a problem with Maple is to discuss it with a knowledgeable friend. A close 2nd-place solution (which may be quicker!) is simply to enter a brief description of your problem in a search engine like Google and see if an enlightening discussion turns up.

University of Central Arkansas
Math 3331
Contents: 2d graphing, 3d graphing
Comments: Provides a short introduction to graphing in Maple, Should be useful for troubleshooting problems with syntax for graphing.

Cornell University
Contents: basics of opening/syntax, 3d plotting, 2d plotting, basics, maple data structures, surfaces, limits, linear approximation, non-differentiable surfaces, gradplot, transform plot, curves, vector identities, numerical solutions, flow results, taylor series, least squares, quadrics and eigenvalues, implicit functions, lagrange multipliers, singular inverses, random riemann sums, cylinders and planes, parameterized surfaces, graphing regions, graph orientations, green's theorem
Comments: You may have to click around a little to find what you're looking for, but their examples are well illustrated and helpful.

University of Delaware
Contents: Maple basics, vector basics and arithmetic, lines and planes, quadric surfaces, cylindrical and spherical coordinate surfaces, vector functions and space curves, multivariate functions, partial derivatives, linearization, gradients, directional derivatives, extreme values/optimization, double integrals, triple integrals, vector fields, line integrals, div, curl, and all that
Comments: Very good step by step examples, and well illustrated. Less verbose discussion of commands.

Texas A&M University
Contents: Maple basics, functions, expressions, equations, 2d graphics, 3d graphics, programming with Maple, matrices, making mistakes with Maple
Comments: Good for getting started but lacks info for Calculus, Differential Equations, etc.

University of Utah
Contents: Making graphs, Solving Equations
Comments: Again, this website sticks to very basic Maple commands. It has several good examples, but you'll need another resource for more complicated tasks.

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