Maple Labs in Math 251

Students in Math 251 learn to use the mathematical software package Maple to solve problems in multivariable calculus. They will use this knowledge further in Math 244, Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics.

A student's first introduction to Maple takes place in an Instructional Microcomputer Lab during the first or second recitation class of the term. This assignment, called Lab 0, familiarizes the student with the practical issues involved in starting a Maple session and with some of the arithmetical, algebraic, and calculus related capacities of the system. In some sections students are asked to print out and turn in some of this work.

Students may find it useful to look over the general instructions for Lab 0 ahead of time, using the link in the table below. Alternatively, they might consult the Help Pages listed at the bottom of this page.

Five more Maple labs, Lab 1 through Lab 5, will be assigned through out the term. The instructions for these labs will be provided by the instructor; useful background information for each of them is provided in the table below. In working with these labs each student uses customized data, which will be posted in the table below well before the lab is due. These labs can be prepared in an instructional lab; for other possibilities, see the FAQ link below.

Lab 0: Introduction to Maple for Math 251  Maple Lab 0
Lab 1: Vectors as directed line segments, and triangles Instructions Background material Customized student data
Lab 2: Curves in space: pictures, length, and curvature Instructions Background material Customized student data
Lab 3: Polynomials of degree two in R2 and R3 Instructions Background material Customized student data
Lab 4: Extreme values and Lagrange multipliers Instructions Background material Customized student data
Lab 5: Center of gravity and mass via multiple integrals Instructions Background material Customized student data

Getting Help

A Frequently asked questions file is available.

For an introduction to Maple see the Rutgers Maple help pages:

Why learn Maple? Beginning Maple Common
Maple errors
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Maple files
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about Maple

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