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Math 251 - Multivariable Calculus

Frequently asked questions about Math 251

Q. How can I get help with this course?

A. Free possibilities include asking questions in class, going to either your instructor's or a TA's office hours, and going to the Learning Resource Center or the MSLC Math and Science Learning Center.
A non-free alternative is to go to room 303 Hill Center and ask for their list of tutors for Calc III.


Q. I got a bad grade on the first exam even though I studied. What should I do?

A. If the bad grade is a C or higher, one answer to the your first question could be -- Be glad it's only a fifth or so of your grade. Do better on the rest of the exams, quizzes, etc., and you'll be okay.

A longer answer: it helps if you keep up with the material as we go along. Studying the night before isn't as helpful as keeping up on a weekly or (better) class-by-class basis. When you find something from an earlier semester that you've forgotten, go back to the appropriate section of the text, reread it, and do some of the problems.

Part of this has to do (I theorize) with short term versus long term memory. You want your calculus in long term memory because as an engineer you'll be using it for years in courses like fluids. That means learning the material and then retesting yourself every so often to make sure that it hasn't evaporated. Think of multivariable calculus as a skill, like tennis or piano playing, that has to be learned over time and maintained if you want good results.

Q. How can I use Maple without going to the computer lab?

A1 (recommended). A student version of Maple is available from Maplesoft for a moderate price, and there are frequently special offers giving additional discounts. If you are interested in purchasing a personal copy, look here for more detailed instructions.

A2. From your home computer, you can run Maple (and other software) through the website To use this service, please follow the instructions found here.
This service is free, but can be less reliable, and more awkward, than a copy running on your own computer.

If you are not going to install Maple on your own computer, you should complete the lab well ahead of time so that you do not miss the deadline due to forces beyond your control.

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