Maple in Math 244

Maple in Math 244

General information and help

  • Introduction to Maple (Prof. Greenfield). This is a good starting place if you have not used Maple before.
  • Maple help pages (Lara Pudwell). They were written with Math 251 students in mind, but should be helpful for all.

Maple information for Math 244

Getting help from other students

  • Just as with other homework assignments, it is permissible and helpful to discuss Maple labs with other students. However, the Maple lab reports that you turn in are being graded and will be part of your final course grade. As with all such work, the printed form of the worksheet is expected to be the work of the student who submits it. In particular, the projects include questions that involve your interpretation of results of Maple's computation. Text comments that contain your answers to these questions are expected to reflect your individual understanding of the topic.

Links to Maple labs

Your Maple labs should have a title, your name, and your section number at the top. They should be stapled.

Here are the current Maple files.

Maple labs specially edited for use during summer session can be found here.
Each instructor will decide which Maple labs to assign during the summer session.

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