Math 244 – Old Maple Materials

If you need to consult earlier versions, the semester web pages should have the appropriate links. A revision was made for the Fall 2003 semester to move to the use of Maple 9. Additional revisions are planned for Fall 2004 to add more Maple9 features. In particular, the Maple instructions file has been revised. The progress of the revision will be indicated in the lists of links to the files. All versions of Maple materials can be found on the pages for the semester when those versions were used.

Course handouts

Adobe Acrobat format. You should be able to view and print from your browser.

Maple Lab seed files.

Your browser should ask where you want to save the file when you click on one of the items below; if your browser shows you the file as text, use the SaveAs item on the file menu to save a local copy. A shortcut is to select the file using shift-click. This gives you your very own copy of the file which you can open in Maple. You can rename the file if you wish, but you should keep the mws extension. New (December 2002) The math department web server now defines all files with extension mws as mime-type application/x-maple. This means that you can configure your web browser to do something useful in response to an ordinary left click on the link to such a file. In Netscape, select preferences from the edit menu, expand the Navigator submenu an select Applications. This will allow you to add this type and instruct the browser to Save to Disk. It is also possible to have the browser start xmaple, but this is not recommended on eden because Netscape reserves too many colors for its own use and this causes Maple to behave strangely. New (September 2003) The seed files will be distributed in two worksheet formats. The classic format will work with all recent versions. If you will be working only with Maple9, you should get the xml format that will allow full access to features introduced in Maple9. New (August 2004) Files for previous versions of the lab may be obtained from the page for that semester. Also, the older "mws" worksheet format will be produced, but no longer be available from this page, although a separate page has been created to accommodate those who need seed files in this format. New (September 2004) The Fall 2004 version of Lab2 introduces a supplementary worksheet that is intended to be a standard feature of all lab projects. Its purpose is to provide a place to follow suggestions in the project description that aid in the preparation of the project but may not be appropriate in the final report.

 The Save command in Maple will replace the file opened by Maple with the current contents of your worksheet. If you want to save several generations of your work, use the SaveAs command to save the current worksheet under a new name.