Course Information

(The class is over and the final grades are available.)

Course number: 01:640:244:F6
Course title: Differential Equations For Engineering & Physics
Prerequisites: Multivariable Calculus
Text: Boyce and DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations, Seventh Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York; 2001. ISBN 0-471-31998-8
Instructor: Dr. Alexander Bogomolny
Office: Hill 611
Phone: 445-5707
Office hours: By appointment
Class meets: MWF, 6:15 - 8:45 p.m.
Location: Hickman Hall 209
Course online forum:

Class Calendar (likely approximate)

M    W    F
Computer Lab
PC IML (room 023)
Midterm 1 (up to 3.4)
5.5, 4.1-3
Last day for Maple Labs 0-3
Midterm 2 (3.5-7.9)
Last day for Maple Labs 4
9.5, Review
Last day for Maple Labs 5
Final Exam

Online Forum

The schedule for a summer class is extremely intensive. There is simply no room for falling behind with the hope of making up later. To help the participants keep abreast with a fast paced instruction, an online forum has been set up with separate sections for each covered chapter. The forum is a convenient means to ask questions and post answers as both can be done at your convenience. One does not have to register at the forum in order to read or post messages. However, if you do, the instructor will be able to identify the participant while to the rest of the world the poster will remain anonymous. Therefore, participation by registered users could and will be graded. Please register when you first log into the forum. There is a link "First time visitor? Please register" in the upper right portion of the screen. As a registered user, you should always log in before posting your message.


The term grade will be based on the results of the examinations, the regular quizzes, and participation in the online forum (specifically set up to this end) as explained below. The term grade will be based on a possible total of 580 points, as follows:

6-point quizzes


Quizzes, each counting a maximum of 6 points, will be given at every class meeting with a few exceptions. 15 best grades will be counted towards the cumulative total score. Quizzes will be short, usually 10 minutes, and include 1-2 problems based on the material covered at a previous class meeting. Homework will be assigned at the end of every class meeting. However, homework, will not be graded.

Online forum participation


A good posting will count 1 point for a question and 2 points for a response. A posting is good if (a) it does not repeat another posting, (b) bears relevance to the forum's designated chapter, and (c) relates to the last chapter being discussed in the class. This holds for both questions and answers. The forum is searchable. To make the search easier, please, when posting, mind having a meaningful subject line. Subjects like "Need help", "Help!!!!!", "A QUESTION", "Frustrated!!!", etc., do not make sense. Direct questions like, "How does one solve problem such and such?" - will at best be referred to the text.

Maple Labs


6 Maple lab assignments are available at the Math 244 main page. The labs can be submitted continuously up to a designated date. Each will be worth a maximum of 10 points and 5 best scores will count towards the cumulative total score.

1 Hour Midterm 1


Closed book, but student-prepared formula sheets will be permitted. 1 standard 8.5"×11" size sheet will be permitted per student.

1 Hour Midterm 2


Closed book, but student-prepared formula sheets will be permitted. 1 standard 8.5"×11" size sheet will be permitted per student.

Final Exam


Closed book, but student-prepared formula sheets will be permitted. 1 standard 8.5"×11" size sheet will be permitted per student.



Subject to possible mild adjustments the grades will be assigned in the following manner A: 520-580, B: 460-520, C: 400-460, D: 340-400, F: below 340.

Important Offices:

Summer Session
191 College Avenue, New Brunswick (College Ave. Campus)
Phone: 732-932-7565

Math Department
Undergrad Office: Hill Center 303
Phone: 732-445-2390

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Math Department's math 244 page
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Academic Integrity Policy

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Computing Services main page
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Instructions on using Maple (also available in pdf)

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