Math 244 Summer 2000



Use of the Maple Symbolic Manipulation System is part of this course.  One class early in the semester (but not the first class) will be held in a computer laboratory rather than the regular classroom. Space has been reserved for sections beginning at the end of May. A schedule for the other sections will be added to this page when our request is confirmed.
Sect. Day Time Date Location
C1 Wednesday 8:15 AM (see note) May 31, 2000 CACC-IBM-IML
C6 Monday 6:15 PM June 5, 2000 ARC-118
F1 Tuesday 10:15 AM June 27, 2000 Loree-023
F6 Wednesday 6:15 PM July 05, 2000 Loree-023
For more information about these computer laboratories, visit the link in the table.

(Note) The College Avenue Computer Lab does not open to the public until 9AM, but they will make special arrangements for regularly scheduled classes. To assure that everyone finds the room, we will probably arrange to arrive as a group.

Summer courses usually try to follow the syllabus of the previous semester fairly closely. Here is information about this course in Spring 2000.

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