This page is for recitation sections 10, 11, and 12 of Math 244 (Differential Equations).

General information


Office hours are TF 4-5, Hill Center, Room 226.
Maple Lab 0 is due in lecture on Friday 02/04/05. Here are some files which will help you get started: Maple instructions. There is also a Maple worksheet with some examples mentioned in the instructions.
Homework 1 will be assigned next Tuesday.


You are strongly encouraged to do the suggested homework problems listed on the course webpage. The book recommends using a computer for some of the problems. You can do these with Maple (or any other software you like), but it is also useful to do as much as you can by hand. In particular, you should work on these whether or not you use Maple.

In addition, there will be a weekly assignment to be handed in at Tuesday's lecture. Make sure to write your section number on your homework. Late homework will not be accepted.
Problems to hand in: