Math 244 Spring 2003

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Here are the files that have been prepared during the Fall 2002 semester for use with Maple 7 and 8. The descriptions are in pdf format. Your browser should be configured to show them using the Acrobat Reader (either as a separate program or as a plug-in). The seed files are Maple worksheets. This usually appears to a computer to be a plain text file, so it will be shown as such, even though that presentation is almost useless. You need to force a "save to disk". In Netscape, this is done by holding down the left shift key when you click the link with the left mouse button or by using the menu brought up by the right mouse button. New (December 2002) The math department web server now defines all files with extension mws as mime-type application/x-maple. This means that you can configure your web browser to do something useful when you click on the link to such a file. In Netscape, select preferences from the edit menu, expand the Navigator submenu an select Applications. This will allow you to add this type and instruct the browser to Save to Disk. It is also possible to have the browser start xmaple, but this is not recommended on eden because Netscape reserves too many colors for its own use and this causes Maple to behave strangely.

Last updated: January 27, 2003