Math 244 Spring 2000


The syllabus is here.  It was originally prepared for the Spring 1999 semester, but no changes are anticipated this term.


Use of the Maple Symbolic Manipulation System is part of this course.  One class early in the semester will be held in a computer laboratory rather than the regular classroom. Here is the schedule:
Sect. Day Period Date Location
1 W 1 1/26/2000 ARC-119
2 W 2 1/26/2000 ARC-119
3 W 3 1/26/2000 ARC-119
4 Th 4 1/20/2000 ARC-116
5 Th 5 1/20/2000 ARC-116
6 Th 6 1/20/2000 ARC-116
7 W 1 1/19/2000 ARC-116
8 W 2 1/19/2000 ARC-116
9 W 3 1/19/2000 ARC-116
10 M 1 1/24/2000 ARC-118
11 M 2 1/24/2000 ARC-118
12 M 3 1/24/2000 ARC-118
13 M 3 1/24/2000 ARC-119
14 M 4 1/24/2000 ARC-119
15 M 5 1/24/2000 ARC-119
For more information about these computer laboratories, visit this page.

Course handouts

Adobe Acrobat format. You should be able to view and print from your browser.
  Maple instructions (pdf).  Html is also available  (html).

Maple Lab seed files.

Your browser should ask where you want to save the file when you click on one of the items below; if your browser shows you the file as text, use the SaveAs item on the file menu to save a local copy. A shortcut is to select the file using shift-click. This gives you your very own copy of the file which you can open in Maple. You can rename the file if you wish, but you should keep the mws extension.

 The Save command in Maple will replace the file opened by Maple with the current contents of your worksheet. If you want to save several generations of your work, use the SaveAs command to save the current worksheet under a new name.

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