Math 244: Diff Eqs/Engs&Phys - Fall 2005

  • Textbook: Boyce and DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations, 8th Edition
  • Homework: The list of suggested homework problems is meant to be the minimum you should do. They have to be handed in and part of it will be graded.
  • Recitation Class: During the weekly recitation class, the TA will go over the homework and answer questions. At the end, he will conduct a quiz. The quiz problem will be similar or even equal to a homework problem. It will be graded.
  • Maple Labs: In the course, we will use the computer algebra package MAPLE. There will be six assigments, called Maple Labs, to be handed in. Each will be graded.
  • Attendance: You are responsible for attending all class meetings. Poor attendance can be used to decide borderline grade situations. Note also that all information on this website is tentative and subject to change. Updates may come late. Therefore, the only reliable source of information is the class.
  • Exams: There will be two midterms and a final. Graphing calculators will not be permitted. Books or personal notes are not allowed, either. You may use a simple scientific calculator. Instead, a list of formulas will be handed out.
  • Grading: Various numbers will help determine your final grade.
  • First midterm exam = 100 points
    Second midterm exam = 100 points
    The final exam = 200 points
    Maple labs =   48 points
    Quizzes =   52 points
    Total = 500 points
  • Make up rules: Make-up exams will be given only in the case of illness, a major emergency or of a major outside commitment. In all cases, be prepared to bring some form of proof (like a doctor's note, a police report, a towing bill etc.) If the reason for the make up is known in advance you must ask for permission before the exam. In all other cases, you must notify the instructor (phone (732)445-1323 or e-mail ) or the math department (445-2390) as soon as possible. No make-ups will be granted for reasons like "the alarm clock didn't go off", "not knowing when the exam will be", or "not feeling prepared".

  • Last updated: August 24, 2005